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Best tips when choosing the golf rangefinder


Golf Rangefinders have gained popularity in the last decade as they provide accurate data on the target allowing the golfer to make precise shots. Similarly, they have created an advantage when gaming and are preferred by professional and starter golfers. As a result, many companies have produced varying models of rangefinders that are fit for golf course use. Click here for the top-rated golf rangefinders. Therefore, when deciding to buy or acquire a golf rangefinder, the following best tips can be considered;

Best tips

Maximum ranges


When acquiring a golf rangefinder, it is advisable to consider the range a particular model can cover accurately. Some golf range finds have different specs that allow them to measure or cover distances ranging from 5 yards to 2000yards. Hence, in acquiring the most superior model, the more the range covered precisely the best the quality of the device.

Display technology

Interestingly, some golf rangefinders have varying display technologies. Therefore, the best Golf Rangefinder needs to give precise data and have the ability to scan the golf course to provide reliable and accurate data. Most Golf Rangefinders use OLED or LED display systems since they complement the multi-colored lenses used in the rangefinder. This ensures that they can give colored images at the touch of the button which allows the use to have clear scratchproof images on the target.

Magnification of the golf rangefinder

Some models give bright and clear pictures of the aiming point as the Golf rangefinder can give an appropriate magnification of the target. Moreover, it enables them to operate despite varying weather conditions which may act as barriers to accurate shots. The aiming point or reticle which points at the target and generates sufficient data on the distance has a one button touch precision and is very reliable. Additionally, these models have pin seekers or scan modes that provide accurate measurements on differently elevated points hence are more superior to other golf rangefinder models.


Varying Golf rangefinder models retail for different prices. Hence, it is important to check the prices comparable to the superiority of the features contained therein.

Laser or GPS systems


There are two types of Golf Rangefinders which use laser or GPS systems. Laser Golf Rangefinders are more superior since they use light beams to make precise measurements to the targets. Moreover, laser golf rangefinders have a large distance coverage compared to the GPS system rangefinder. The GPS Golf Rangefinder, on the other hand, makes precise distance calculations based on the GPS technology and focuses basically on fixed stationary objects within the golf course.