Will Time Travel Ever Be Possible?


You’ve probably seen it movies and fictions—eponymous characters being sent back and forth through time and space. But if we were to zone in a little deeper into the topic, will time travel ever be possible in this cosmos?

Time travel explained

Well, at a quantum level, it’s safe to say that man time travels all the time. It may be extremely limited, but when a lot of quantum events are put together, then the whole theory is a lot like the plain old law of cause and effect.

Albert Einstein Viewpoint and Contributionj65h4g3f

At the end of the 20 century, Albert Einstein came up with the theory of Special Relativity. Many of the ideas he presented, though very hard to grasp because they are NOT part of what we experience in our normal, everyday life, have been confirmed by various scientists.

According to the theory, space and time are an aspect of the same thing—speed. Anything that travels through space has a speed limit of 186,000 miles per second (300, 000 kilometers per second)—the same speed that light travels with through space.

The theory then goes ahead to point out that a surprising is likely to happen when someone moves through space-time, especially when the relative speed of the person is very close to the speed that light travels with. If the person is left behind, time will slow down. But the person won’t notice the effect until he returns to stationary people.

Try imagining a 20-year-old man leaving the earth in a spacecraft traveling at only 99.5 percent of the speed of light (which is way faster than the speed we can achieve at this time and age), and celebrating only five birthdays during the voyage.

The person will return at 25, only to find that all his age mates are now 70 years old, retired and have grandchildren. Because time would have passed much slowly for the person, he’ll have spent only five years traveling, whereas his age mates will have experienced 50 years.

The Time Traveler

54gf3If the journey happened in 2015, it would only take the person 5 years to travel to 2065, as opposed to the 50 years his friends took. In a sense, this could be interpreted as time traveling, as the person traveled to the future at a speed that’s way faster than 1 hour per hour.

Objects in the gravitational fields are known to time travel this way. Einstein observed that time tends to pass more slowly for objects in the gravitational fields such as the earth than objects in other fields. Meaning, there are a lot of space and time distortion near the black hole, where gravity is thought to be more intense.

Scientists have been trying to use the distortion in space-time to figure out all the possible ways a time-machine could be made into a possibility. Examples include the ‘worm-holes,’ which may be the first shortcut through space-time.’ So to answer the question ‘will time travel ever be possible?’ Then the answer is yes, given all the major advancements and new discoveries being made and which make the technology achievable.