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A Basic Guide To League Of Legends


A huge number of individuals have been hooked on playing online games. This includes not only the children or teenagers, but also some adults. Most of the time, this is even the subject of a conversation among students in school and even employees in their workplace. You can hear them comparing their achievements, wins, loss, etc. If you try any of the games that you see online, you will find them quite amusing especially those that involve competitors that will require you to use some strategies or techniques in order for you to win the game.

League of Legends

gsaghshs5League of Legends is an online game that have captured the interest of millions of players across the world. It is a multiplayer online battle arena which means that you play and compete with other gamers in different places. It is a very competitive game and you need to have the skills and proper strategies so you can outplay the other players.

If you haven’t started playing League of Legends yet and you want to get on it, here are the basic steps that you need to do.

Download the game

You can download League of Legends online for free. Once you have it, you need to complete the sign-up process before you can start enjoying playing it.

Get to know the controls

ashgsa5This game has different controls and you need to familiarize yourself with them so it will be easier for you to perform and enjoy the game once you start playing. The controls are quite easy, your abilities will be bounded to q, w, e, and r. For you to move around, you have to utilize your mouse by right clicking on it depending on which spot you desire to go. If you want to scroll around the map, you have to move the cursor to the side of the screen and hit the space bar to have the camera focused on the character that you play.

Try the champions

Once you are already familiar with the controls, you can now begin to experiment by choosing from the different champions. As a beginner, you can choose those that are free to use. The ease of playing the champions may vary but this is the only way for you to determine which one you will feel like playing.