dfs sCanon makes some of the best entry-level DSLRs on the market, and its Rebel line might be the brand’s most prominent series of cameras. Read on or go to http://www.thecamcritic.com/canon-rebel-t5-vs-t5i/ to learn much more about it.

While both cameras stand out among the various Canon DSLRs because of their quality offering of features, they are noticeable dissimilar from one another, the differences between the two are the following:


The term ISO refers to a camera’s sensitivity to light. The higher a camera’s ISO settings, the more light it can be expected to pickup, this making it especially effective in conditions of low light.

Between these two contenders, the T5i comes out ahead as far as ISO is concerned boasting a maximum range of 25,600 as opposed to the 12,800 the T5 brings to the table.

Admittedly, both cameras suffer the same level of interference which is probably why most users wouldn’t notice the difference in ISO.


While most users will appreciate the Canon T5’s three-inch screen and LCD resolution of 460,000 dots, it pales considerably in comparison to the 1,040,000 dot LCD resolution of the T5i’s three-inch screen.

Even eliminating the matter of resolution, the T5i’s screen is home to a far richer collection of features. The touch screen is especially commendable, allowing users easy access to the camera’s various menus.


Impressive as the T5’s older DIGIC4processor might be, it doesn’t exactly match up to the capabilities of the T5i’s DIGIC5processor. Powerful as the DIGIC5processor might be, though, most users are not likely to notice the difference between the T5 and the T5i’s processing capabilities. The frames per second of the T5 are only marginally lower.


While both cameras will deliver the sort of sharp and crisp videos that will attract praise from any photographer, there is a noticeable difference in the quality of video one can expect, especially with regards to the technology on offer.

The T5i, for instance, has a stereo microphone, making it possible to capture video sound, this as opposed to the T5 which doesn’t even have continuous autofocus capabilities and, as such might result in blurry videos when one is making adjustments to their new camera.

Admittedly, not all photographers care about video sound or the fact that the T5i has an external microphone port.

it doesn’t really matter how you approach the Canon Rebel T5 vs T5i debate; the T5i is clearly the more powerful of the two cameras though that doesn’t make the T5 any less competent for both amateur and professional work.